Transcripts come in a variety of formats, and just like our clients, they are diverse and unique depending on their usage. Through the years we’ve developed formats which our clients find work well for them. They’re simple, concise, and understandable to the reader. However, it won’t upset us if you have something else in mind, and we’re open and willing to adapt any of our transcript formats to suit your needs.

Here is a list of the types of scripts we provide, and to help you visualize them better, we’ve provided some with examples you can actually feel and touch.

Transcript Styles & Samples

Standard Transcripts

Suitable for interviews, discussions, focus groups, and the like. Various elements can be added or subtracted like timecode, verbatim versus edited, or broll logging.

Click here to see actual sample.

AS Broadcast TV Shows–Dialogue & Continuity

These scripts are suited for required deliverables.

Feature Films & Documentaries

Please contact our office for script samples.

  • Dialogue List (script style)
  • Dialogue List (column format)
  • Dialogue & Continuity

Combined Continuity Spotting Lists

These are the big ones for features, documentaries and TV shows. You’ll find there are only a few companies specializing in these types of scripts and we are one of them. Our CCSL transcribers are skilled with many hours of experience.

Spanish Translation & Transcription

  • Translation
  • Combination – translation/transcription

Spanish Translation-Transcription Sample

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